Mobile Banking

With Mobile Banking from Bank Coop, your account is to hand wherever you are. You can manage your bank transactions anywhere, anytime.

Download your Bank Coop App today:

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  • Functions

    You can use E-Banking services on your mobile device (Smartphone or tablet). Take a minute now to familiarize yourself with the options.



    Designate your preferred functions as favorites. These will be displayed sequentially on the home page of your Bank Coop Mobile Banking and assure quick access.


    Under the menu item "Finances" you will find your balances. You can create account or custody account statements or display the details of individual transactions.



    Under the menu item "Payments" you can set up domestic or international account transfers and payments. With the scanning function your red or orange deposit slip is captured even more conveniently and quickly.


    BörseStock Exchange

    Under the menu item "Stock Exchange" you can buy and sell securities. The order book lets you monitor your trades.



    Under "Services" you can adjust your Bank Coop Mobile Banking settings. There you can find your E-documents, change your password, or send us a personal message.

  • Activation

    The activation for Bank Coop Mobile Banking is very simple and easily done using your existing Bank Coop E-Banking access. All you have to do is create a password for your Bank Coop Mobile Banking and confirm the password.

    Instructions on how to do this are found below.


    Download your Bank Coop App today:

    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
    App Store Google Play

    Technical requirements for Mobile Banking

    • An existing E-Banking account
    • An mTan authentication process for the existing E-Banking account
    • A latest-generation Smartphone (at least iOS 4 or Android 2.1.x)


  • Security

    By entering the activation code when you set up Bank Coop Mobile Banking, your mobile device will be permanently attached to your E-Banking agreement. This ensures that your account can be accessed only with your Smartphone or your tablet. A separate password must be created for Bank Coop Mobile Banking, which must be different from your E-Banking password.

    Please realize that when using Bank Coop Mobile Banking in public areas you may be watched and the risk of theft or loss is higher. In this regard, follow the recommendations below:

    • Always activate the device blocking code on your mobile device
    • Do not store your log-on data such as user ID and password on your mobile device
    • Keep your device current (operating system updates)
    • Always end your connection to Bank Coop Mobile Banking with the correct log-out
    • Do not modify your mobile device (no "Jailbreak"/ "Rooting")