Classic and Premium.
Profit from out Advice.

You want personal advice, but want to make your own investment decisions? Then the Classic and Premium packages are suitable for you. With both the Classic and the Premium, we determine your investment strategy together with you. This results from the return expected, your readiness and capacity to take risks, the investment horizon and the capital you are prepared to invest.


Targeted control through regular portfolio monitoring

We check regularly to determine whether the current make-up of your portfolio corresponds to your investment strategy and notify you of any possible changes. In addition, we will contact you as soon as your portfolio includes securities recommended for sale and you will receive a warning in respect of rating changes. Moreover, we will point out cluster risks to you.

Classic – The Compact Basic Offer

You are less active on the financial markets and invest mainly in funds and standardized products.


The Classic Service Package

  • establishing an investment strategy
  • mainly investment funds
  • regular portfolio monitoring
  • annual portfolio reporting
  • free from paybacks
  • funds selected according toe the "Best in Class" approach

Premium — a comprehensive service with intensive support

The Premium service package offers a comprehensive service. You would like to have, several times a year, individual advice catering to your needs from a personal contact. You expect concrete recommendations and detailed financial market analyses. With the Premium service package, you have available to you a wide spectrum of investment opportunities and you have unrestricted access to investment funds, direct investments and additional investment products. Portfolio monitoring, performed monthly, also includes additional price monitoring, thereby offering the opportunity to benefit from taking profits and favourable buying options.

As regards the fees, you can choose between the unit price and inclusive price rates.


The Premium Service Package

  • establishing an investment strategy
  • intensive support
  • personal contact
  • investment funds, direct investments and other investment products
  • active investment recommendations
  • financial market analyses
  • regular portfolio monitoring
  • monthly portfolio reporting
  • price monitoring
  • free from paybacks
  • tax reporting
  • performance statements per quarter
  • funds selected according to the “Best in Class” approach
  • 50 Superpoints per CHF 1,000.00 investment in respect of the purchase
    of investment funds, shares and bonds