Asset Management Mandate.
We Foster your Assets with Care.

You have not the interest, the time or the knowledge to involve yourself with investment matters? The best for you is choosing an Asset Management Mandate. Your assets are in good hands with us. Our specialists  have many years’ experience, access to a large network, suitable investment solutions and a broad knowledge of investments. Even from an investment capital of CHF 100,000.00, you can delegate fully your investment decisions to Bank Coop.


With the suitable strategy for success

With your readiness to take risks and the return expected, we define jointly with you the strategy suited to your financial needs. Within the framework of your specifications and the bank’s own investment policy, we  implement this strategy with care and independently.


Bespoke fee models

In Asset Management, we offer you three fee models which are primarily differentiated through the number of the services included. With the “All-in Fee” Mandate, all costs of the bank, such as fees, charges, expenses
and commissions, directly associated with the management of the assets, are covered. For the performancerelated rate, the fee is also linked to investment success. The fixed fee ultimately includes only the asset management costs.


The Asset Management Mandate

  • complete delegation of investment decisions to experienced financial experts
  • various fee models
  • from an investment capital of CHF 100,000.00
  • half-yearly statement with comprehensive information on investments and performance
  • free from paybacks
  • tax statements
  • collect Superpoints:
    - 10,000 Superpoints for concluding a mandate with funds
    - 50,000 Superpoints for concluding a mandate with individual securities