E-Custody Account.
Do it yourself online.

You wish to handle your investments freely and unrestrictedly and do not need any advice or portfolio  monitoring? With our E-Custody Account, you have access to major international stock exchanges. You can trade freely and unrestrictedly via E-Banking and telephone.


Low fees

E-Custody Account is offered both at an advantageous inclusive price as well as at a unit price rate. You can profit from both low transaction and account management fees with both price models. As a consequence, no advice or other additional services are integrated in E-Custody Account. Needless to say, should you want to receive advice, you can change to one of the other service packages at any time.


E-Custody Account

  • free, unrestricted handling
  • cost-effective inclusive package, incl. account management and 12 securities transactions per year
  • additional securities purchases/sales on favourable terms
  • unit price rate also possible
  • via E-Banking and telephone at home or on the road
  • free from paybacks


So deal yourself

Would you like to open an E-Custody Account? Just call us on 0800 330 440.