You ask. We answer.

Do you have any questions on our investment model or about your custody account? In this case please phone your client advisor or phone number 0800 330 440 and arrange a free appointment.

What do I need to do now?

On July 1 you will automatically receive the Classic service package. If you want to have one of the other  service packages, please contact your client advisor.


Who is my contact?

Your client advisor continues to be your personal contact. Needless to say, our experts will handle specific questions.


How do I find out which service package suits me best?

Arrange an appointment for a free advisory discussion. Together we will find an appropriate solution for you.


What does the inclusive rate include?

The inclusive rate includes all the bank’s own fees, brokerage fees and commissions (excluding commissions
for Eurex transactions) incurred in connection with the Premium service package or the Asset Management Mandate. This fee model offers you the best possible overview of the costs.


What are paybacks?

These are payments that the bank receives from third-party providers in connection with the sale of their products. From July 1, 2014, Bank Coop will be fully waiving paybacks. If, from a performance perspective,  there are no payback-free alternatives, we will recompense you for all remunerations received from third  parties.


When will I be recompensed for any paybacks?

These are paid out on a six-monthly basis.